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Scissors, needle and thread used with precision, passion and a touch of inspiration. these are the ingredients chosen in the 1930s by Filippo Caucci, grandfather of the current owners of the company.
In the post-war period, his son Alberto and his daughter-in-law Giuseppa started a business specialized in the sale of fabrics.
The mix of skills that derives from this is the premise to open a micro-lab for trousers in the 1960s.
In the '70s the company became the reference point in the production district of Val Vibrata for all those craft enterprises willing to make a quantum leap.
In the 2000s the Caucci manufactory of 'life at FG 1936: a path marked by manual processes and design, where culture and exchange, were essential for obtaining products of international prestige symbols of the excellence of FG 1936.

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