Heron Preston

Heron Preston

Heron Preston Johnson was born in 1983 in San Francisco and from an early age he devoted himself assiduously to cultivate his interests, managing in today's times to establish himself as an incredibly versatile character, at ease in the field of fashion, art, music and design. After having designed and released a small collection of sustainable t-shirts, made with materials and processes capable of safeguarding the environment, Heron decides to make a change in his career, entering the world of fashion as one of the best designers of the last years. To date, Heron Preston is perhaps one of the most sought after and influential brands on the market, capable of adopting an original style aimed at the future and innovation, managing to make the Cyrillic writing iconic, which, translated, means "style”.

  1. Regular Price $382.62 Special Price $229.57

    Ivory stretch crepe oversize shirt

    Regular Price $382.62 Special Price $229.57
  2. $186.89

    Black cotton oversize t-shirt

  3. new season
    Black cotton minidress Black cotton minidress

    Black cotton minidress

  4. $211.48

    White cotton top

  5. new season
    Black cotton t-shirt Black cotton t-shirt

    Black cotton t-shirt

  6. $186.89

    White cotton t-shirt

  7. $618.00

    Black viscose blend bodysuit

  8. $388.52

    Ivory crepe skirt

  9. $373.78

    Black cotton sweatshirt

  10. $122.95

    Orange stretch polyester belt

  11. $122.95

    Black stretch polyester belt